We believe in fulfilling our purpose in the Deaf and hearing community, and throughout the entire world, one soul at a time.

A Family-Owned Company Led by Faith to Serve Our Customers

Blessings T-Shirts Unlimited creates high-quality, budget-conscious t-shirts that incorporate customized or pre-designed logos and messages. Multiple options include silk screen, heat press, vinyl, embroidery, rhinestones & nailheads, and hypoallergenic and pesticide-free materials.

A clothing line designed to empower the Deaf community by creating awareness that educates ALL OF US!

ASL ClothingLine, a joint venture with Blessings T-Shirts Unlimited has joined purposes to become Blessed ASL ClothingLine, to produce unique, inspiring and humorous t-shirt designs representing the culturally diverse origins and interests of the Deaf, Hard of Hearing and Deaf/Blind community.

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